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Clear Groove Vinyl Cleaning Fluid

Clear Groove has been around for a fairly long time and seems to be the cleaner of choice for many enthusiasts.


With such a choice of record cleaning fluids now on the market, some very cheap and others ridiculously expensive it is difficult to make a choice especially without testing them. Be careful as there quite a few copycat products of a simular name and they are not all of the same quality & effectiveness.


Clear Groove is an excellent cleaning fluid that we thoroughly recommend.


The standard  kit is a 250ml bottle of fluid and a large microfiber cloth.


Its great at every day cleaning of your records and evaporates quickly to leave a nice shine. Records always look & seem to to sound better after a good clean with this stuff.


The makers claim its made from the purest ingredients to ensure no residue and I have to say ive always found ito be a great product when used correctly.


The big bottle lasts for a long time! -sufficient perhaps for 200 or more LPs


An important note is that you must ensure all the dirt that gets loose during cleaning is actually removed and not just wiped around the record!

make sure you always buff untill completely dry and keep your cleaning cloth clean too! I would also recommend purchasing extra cleaning cloths.


The makers aslo do several other products including stylus cleaner and a larger XL 1 LITRE bottle for use with RCMs.


you can purchase Clear Groove from some independant shops aswell as directly from their website which is



an excellent record cleaner at a reasonable price.

Its also great on Compact Discs too!

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